Hillside Desert Botanical Gardens

Plants are available on-site for landscaping. 

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Hillside Desert Botanical Gardens is the product of more than 25 years of testing and experimenting with certain species to find which will be the most reliable in tolerating the growing conditions here in the Pacific Northwest. Many varieties have been tried and through trial and error, a surprisingly large number have been successful. 

What started as a hobby in 1981, has expanded to cover 1/2 acre with more than 20 gardens developed into a magnificent showplace.

We are located in central Washington state in the low desert area in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountain range.  Annual precipitation seldom exceeds 6" per year. Summertime highs are in the 90-100 degree range. While wintertime lows can reach 0 degrees and occasionally lower.  These conditions have proven to be an excellent opportunity to test for hardiness and optimum growth.

Plants are available for sale on site.  

Contact us, hillsidecacti@nwinfo.net